Hotline Miami is a fantastic game, and with the release of Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number potentially delayed to early 2015, the hype is strong with the sequel too. Artist Jake Briggs has gone full awesome with his latest fan piece featuring everybody’s favorite psychopathic man-chicken.

For those not in the know, Hotline Miami centers around playing as an unknown character who is killing dozens of people at the request of cryptic messages. To detail the story would take far too much writing space, but the above is Hotline Miami in a nut shell. The game also has a very jazzy neon art style that defines it perfectly as a game based on madness. Throughout the game, players will use numerous weaponry to dispatch foes with brutal force. In all, Hotline Miami is a very violent game.


The stylish piece says everything about Hotline Miami with a fantastic use of vibrant coloring and a great word choice. Hotline Miami 2 may have been halted from its release, but you can quench your blood-thirst with the help of Jake’s amazing piece. You can support him and his art at this link, as well as check out more of his work on his DevianART page.

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