Video game fans certainly have a lot to look forward to this March. With plenty of great games set to release during this month, it almost feels overwhelming. Two video games however, both set to release tomorrow, have long dominated discussions between gamers and been the center of everyone’s focus.

Both From Software’s Dark Souls 2 and Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall are undoubtedly the most desired games coming out this month. Despite their veritable mountain of differences, Dark Souls 2 and Titanfall both have one massive similarity; these two games are destined to change the way that the video game world looks at multiplayer experiences in the years to come.

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At first glance, Titanfall is sure to draw similarities to other contemporary first-person shooters. Respawn Entertainment, however, has made it abundantly clear throughout Titanfall’s development that their intention while creating the game has been to change the landscape of the competitive FPS.

Titanfall, at its core, is a game that has been built from the ground up with an emphasis on making the player’s experience the best it can possibly be. Thanks to the team at Respawn’s impressive experience with the Call of Duty franchise, Titanfall manages to take everything that has made the FPS so immensely popular in recent years and improve upon it in a meaningful way.

Titanfall is not the gigantic mechs that have captured the imagination of those who have been following the game’s development, but rather the impressive features that Respawn has included that ensure players of all skill levels will be able to not only play together, but also actively contribute in every match. By including the option to incorporate computer-controlled bots, Titanfall allows for near instant equalization of the playing field. While AI players are by no means a new feature in FPS titles, Titanfall is the biggest name game to make this a core gameplay element in recent memory.

Titanfall also boasts weaponry that allows for players of a lower skill level to adapt and compete. The Smart Pistol in Titanfall is geared towards those who may not be the most talented when it comes to aiming and maneuvering throughout a FPS, allowing the player to quickly and efficiently lock on to targets while firing.

These two elements, however minor in the grand scheme of things, virtually ensures that Titanfall’s online matches will be populated not only by FPS veterans looking for the next big game to play, but also by those who are new to the genre and looking for a relatively safe entry point.

On the other side of Titanfall’s  movement spectrum lie the titular Titans. The massive mechs add a thrilling level of enjoyment to each match in Titanfall. The choice between as running and jumping around as a pilot or hopping into a Titan and reigning down hell fire caters to both sides of the FPS spectrum; instilling the notion that any playstyle will be viable in Titanfall, further establishing the game as the soon-to-be king of the first-person shooter.


From Software’s Dark Souls 2 is in many ways the opposite of Titanfall. The intense, brooding atmosphere of DaS 2 stands in stark contrast of the high concept, science-fiction inspired world of Titanfall. However, much like the competitive possibilities of TitanfallDark Souls 2 is destined to change the way that players think about multiplayer outside of first-person shooters.

Dark Souls, and its predecessor Demon’s Souls, both included multiplayer play in the form of invasions. Players could utilize items to transfer themselves into the world of other gamers – be it to lend a helping hand or hunt their prey down. Minimalist at its core, the multiplayer aspect of the Souls series has long been an interesting – and challenging – element to an already remarkably deep series.

One of the promised improvements made to Dark Souls 2 is the overhauled multiplayer component. In the previous Souls games, the multiplayer; however challenging or entertaining that it was, felt tacked on. From Software has done a wealth of retooling in Dark Souls 2, ensuring that working together – or ruthlessly slaying – other players will be better than fans could ever imagine.

In Dark Souls 2, players are no longer safe when in hollowed form. Making virtually every player susceptible to invasion at any time goes miles in terms of establishing the game as a gigantic, ever-present threat. This notion of intensity translates well to the world of Dark Souls 2, promising that players will never know quite what to expect when exploring the game.

Additionally, From Software has overhauled the game’s Covenants, giving each one an important aspect to multiplayer play. Covenants now exist to better the online experience entirely. Players who seek to invade will be able to join a specific covenant that aids in this, and those who wish to aid and protect others will also find a home.

While Dark Souls’ Covenants clearly had the intention to play an integral role in multiplayer, they truly did little to improve upon whatever had already been implemented. Dark Souls 2 rethinks how Covenants will work; ensuring that those who wish to make invading/aiding their primary focus will get the most out of the game.

Dark Souls 2’s unique multiplayer may not cater to everyone, but it works perfectly to match the style of game that the Souls series has always been. The subtlety of player interactions and constant threat of invasion set the precedent for how multiplayer will be treated within a game that traditionally carries a ‘single-player’ notion.

Both Dark Souls 2 and Titanfall are primed to set the multiplayer bar high when they release tomorrow. From everything known about each game’s multiplayer aspects, both games will become instant trendsetters. March 11th is the day that multiplayer games are forever changed for the better.


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