How Much Are These Classic Games Worth Now?

Chances are, you probably don’t have many of these games unopened, in pristine condition, but if you did, you’d be damn rich, because some of these games made my jaw hit the floor with what people have paid for them. Of course, perhaps these prices aren’t exactly what they’re worth, but they are the highest price that anyone has ever paid for them. I have almost all of the games on this quiz, but I know for a fact that the condition that they’re in means that they are absolutely not worth the many hundreds of dollars listed here. Makes you kind of wonder if you should buy videogames to play them, or buy two copies of everything so that you can play one and store the other one in an air-tight container and hide it from the light of day for 30 years.

I think it’s just really cool to see that in an age where you could just download a ROM of any game imaginable, that these 30 year old plastic cartridges or CDs are worth this much money. So check out the quiz here or look here if you just want to look at the infographic version and just see the answers without doing the quiz (but I know you would never be that lazy).


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Nathaniel Smyth

The author Nathaniel Smyth

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