How The Destiny April Update Changed Leveling Up

The folks at Bungie teased the latest Destiny update for a month before its release. Twitch streams were held to show off the changes coming to get the community excited, but some gamers were skeptical that this new update would be able to bring players back to the game. There were a few things that were broken with Destiny, such as the rate that high level items dropped, which led to some players taking a break from the game.

The good things is that this update fixed that. It fixed it quite well when it comes to decrypting exotic engrams. The drops are hit or miss after Prison of Elders, but there is still a better chance of receiving some high level times once your back in orbit. That makes no sense, but you are never really shown what you get.


The other way that you get high level items is by completing a score card from Variks during the Prison of Elders Challenge Mode. You get an individual score of 30,000 for the first set of items, and once you have reached a cumulative score of 90,000 you get rewarded with more items. Do not forget that each time you go back to do challenge mode you can use a Three of Coin in hopes that an exotic engram will drop. Again, this increase greatly enhances your chances of getting some pretty great stuff that will help you level up a lot faster.

One other thing to point out is that you will not, I repeat you will not have to do the raid as often to get some good armor or weapons. This is great because trying to find a group of people that play well together is hard. Playing with random people sucks because there is no sense of team work or plan established. At least with the challenge mode you can play it with one other person or get two of your buddies to help.


Sterling Silver boxes are hit or miss, but their upside is that they give you the opportunity to earn the Taken armor, which looks pretty bad ass. It will drop very low, but that is so you can infuse with a high level item of your choosing. The box also gives you chroma that can be applied to certain armor and weapons. You will get more chroma than you care to have, but you can always discard if you do not want it.

So after a month if you are wondering if Destiny is still worth playing, the answer is yes. It sounds a little biased coming from me, but if leveling up is what you want to do then this is the time to start playing again. The idea that you do not necessarily need to do a raid is great, but if you want to raid that is perfectly fine as well. At least Bungie is listening to the community and is doing its best to make the necessary changes to make Destiny a better game over time.


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