How the Mighty Have Fallen – USC Gets Pwned by NCAA

You have to love this news!  The NCAA has finally laid down the law on USC football over the Reggie Bush scandal that has been going on since 2004.  Due to their treachery USC is banned from bowl games for the next 2 years, they will lose 30 scholarships over the next 3 seasons, and they have to forfeit all of their wins during the span that Dummy Bush was ineligible.  This means bye-bye 2004-2005 BCS championship!

I always knew Pete Carroll was up to shenanigans.  Why the hell do you think he bailed this year?  He knew all along that this type of punishment from the NCAA was inevitable, so he jumped ship and left Lane Kiffin with a turd to clean up.  Finally, USC won’t be a machine for a few years!  It’s about time!  I knew they had to be cheating worse than other Division I schools.

It sucks for the current players and recruits, but life is tough.  Don’t cheat and get caught is the lesson here.  Too bad USC wasn’t cheating when it beat OSU back-to-back the past 2 years.  I’d take the forfeits even though they mean nothing.  How do you think Oklahoma feels?  They were the team that USC beat in the Orange Bowl for the BCS.  Do you think they can really claim that they’re 2004-05 champs now?  Maybe on paper, but a real athlete would never acknowledge a forfeit like this as a legit win.  Life isn’t fair right?  You’ve been beat down USC, ha ha…

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