How To: Create a Speed Dial Shortcut on iPhone


If you’re like me, you likely have speed dials assigned to many of your contacts.  Although convenient, there are still times where it would be nice to have a shortcut on the home screen that would allow me to speed dial a frequent contact.  The simple steps below will show you how to add a speed dial icon for a contact right to your home screen without needing an additional app download.  (**Note:  I have only tested this on the iPhone 4/4s and have not confirmed operation on the iPhone 5)

Step 1:  Open the Safari web browser on your phone and type in the mobile number of the person you want to create a speed dial for, followed by   example –

Step 2:  After entering the address in step one and hitting go, a Call window will pop up with the option to Cancel or Call (shown below).  Click on the Cancel button.

Step 3:  Now click on the forward button at the bottom of the screen.

Step 4:  Next tap on the ‘Add to Home Screen’ button and the name the shortcut accordingly, then click the ‘Add’ button.

Step 5:  Locate the newly created icon and position on your phone as desired (shown in upper left corner below).  Now simply click the shortcut icon to speed dial your contact.

Hopefully this has been helpful will save you a little bit of time in the future.  If any iPhone 5 users out there give this a shot, report back to us and let us know if it works or not.

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