How to Find the Five Dormant SIVA Clusters Needed for Gjallarhorn in Destiny: Rise of Iron

We are back with a new guide on completing yet another step towards obtaining your Year Three Gjallarhorn. This time around I navigate The Plaguelands to find some of the Dormant SIVA clusters to hold the all mighty Gjallarhorn once again. There is no sound in the video, but most of these can be found during the first two story missions. The areas will look familiar so pay close attention where you need to go.

  • A¬†cluster can be found right when you get off of the gondola during the first mission. Head on over to the 9 minute mark to see the location.
  • The next few can be found in the ‘Walls Come Down’ mission. This cluster can be found before you enter in building. go underneath the walkway and head on the back. There will be a point where you need to crouch. Once you are up a tiny slope, you will the cluster on a metal beam.
  • The next cluster will be found by the dead tanker located in The Divide. It will be located on the bottom.
  • The fourth cluster will be the Rocketyard, located in a room by where the Hive Knights normally are. It will be hidden behind a very, very small monitor.

The last one is a real treat. You have to climb to the top of the mountain in Felwinter Peak located in the Iron Temple. It is there that you will find a Dormant SIVA cluster.

If you happened to find some in other areas, even better. We here at Entertainment Buddha hopes this helped you get one step closer to obtaining the all mighty Gjallarhorn.

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