How To Get an Open NAT on the Xbox One for Better Connections


The Xbox One is just over a day old, and for the most part it’s a solid next-gen gaming console. One of its many facets that makes it a worthy addition to your gaming lineup is its robust Xbox Live network, which has been refined for years on the Xbox 360. Chatting with friends, or joining multiplayer and co-op matches efficiently is what made the 360 stand out during the last gen, so one would think that the same environment would be present on the Xbox One. For the most part it is, but just like the 360 it takes a little elbow grease with your network settings to get the best possible environment for chatting and gaming with friends.

If you go to your One’s Network Settings and see that your NAT type is “Strict,” then there’s a good chance you’ll have issues joining party chats, and possibly games that feature a multiplayer component. The goal is to get a NAT type of “Open”, which will allow for much smoother connections in your XBL environment. To achieve an open NAT type you will need to know your way around the Xbox One, and your home router. Below you’ll find detailed steps to take to ensure that your Xbox One NAT type always remains open so you never have to worry about not being able to join a chat, or a multiplayer match again. Happy networking!

How to Enable an Open NAT Type on the Xbox One

Xbox One Settings:

  1. On the Xbox One go to Settings -> Network Settings
  2. Verify your NAT type in the “Current Network Status” section – If it’s open there’s no need to change anything, if it’s closed then you’ll have to manually change some settings
  3. If the NAT type is closed you need to select Advanced Settings from the options under Network Settings
  4. In Advanced Settings select IP Settings, and then choose Manual
  5. In this menu you’ll need to enter in a static IP address, a subnet mask, and a gateway address. Most home networks will be on an IP range of 192.168.0.x or 192.168.1.x, so you will need to choose an address that no other device on your network is using.
  6. To find out your network’s IP addresses you can go to a PC and open the command line and run ipconfig /all – this will return the IP address of the PC (can’t use same for Xbox One, but will let you know your IP range), subnet mask, gateway address, and DNS addresses used on your network
  7. The subnet mask and gateway address you find will be used for the Xbox One, but you’ll need to pick a different IP address. Try picking one that ends in .100 or higher since those addresses rarely get used on home networks with only a few devices.
  8. With those three addresses in hand you can fill out the required fields for manually setting up an IP address on the Xbox One – enter them in with the controller and save the new settings
  9. Once you enter in the manual IP settings you’ll have to do the same for DNS, so choose “DNS Settings” on the same screen where you changed the IP settings in the previous step.
  10. Take the DNS information from step 6 and fill in the primary and secondary DNS server fields and save your settings
  11. You should now have an Xbox One with static IP settings, so you can turn it off in preparation for the next step

Router Settings:

  1. You’ll need to be able to access your home router’s admin interface for this piece of the puzzle. Search the Internet for your router’s model number to see how to connect to its admin pages if you’re unfamiliar with that process. Typically you can just browse to the gateway address you found in step 6 above in a standard web browser to pull up the admin interface. You will need a username and password though, so refer to your router’s documentation for that information.
  2. Once you access your router’s admin interface you should see an option for either “Advanced Settings”, or something along the lines of “Port Forwarding”. Basically, you need to get to your router’s port forwarding settings.
  3. In the port forwarding section you’ll see a configuration similar to the one belowScreen Shot 2013-11-23 at 10.42.27 AM
  4. This is the section where you have to enter the IP address that you assigned to your Xbox One in step 8 above, fill in the IP Address field with the Xbox One’s IP address on four separate lines in your Port Forwarding screen.
  5. Once that is in place you can fill in the specific ports (3074, 88, 80, and 53) to forward for each of the four lines you just added. Use the image below for reference and copy the port information and protocol information exactly as it appears to your setup. Screen Shot 2013-11-23 at 10.42.30 AM
  6. Once that is done click Apply or Save, and then close out of your router’s admin interface
  7. Turn on the Xbox One and verify that the changes took effect by viewing your Network Settings again. If everything was entered as planned you should now see a NAT type: Open status where you saw it set as Strict before.
  8. With the Open status you should no longer have issues chatting with certain friends, or joining multiplayer matches. If your friends are having similar issues please share this how-to with them so they can also have a better Xbox One networking experience!

This process isn’t nearly as complicated as it may look, so give it a try and get back to gaming and chatting with your friends on the Xbox One without any hiccups!


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  1. DarthDiggler

    I believe you can just set your console to be the DMZ host and you won’t have to fuss with ports at all.

  2. robert

    Going to DMZ shuts ot the tv feature if running it through the console. Had Microsoft help me out and we did this. It opened the NAT,but wouldn’t allow tv to function. Went back and port forwarded and rebooted modem and xbox one and all is well.

  3. Somebody help?
    We have a Comcast Cable Modem With a DLink Dir-815 plugged in to it with a Netgear WGR614v9 and Dlink Dir-615 plugged into it.
    We need to set things up so as to have open NAT on an Xbox One plugged into the Netgear WGR614v9, and an open NAT on an Xbox One plugged into the Dlink Dir-615.
    I am getting “Your network is behind a port restricted NAT” on the Xbox One connected to the Netgear WGR614v9. Thanks in advance.

    • On that router then you should enter in the port numbers and IP of the Xbox One plugged into it.

      • Thank you very much for the help. Should I need to do anything to the
        DLink Dir-815 the Netgear WGR614v9 is plugged into? Thanks again in advance.

        • You shouldn’t, but may also want to check its port configurations and add the troubled Xbox if your first test doesn’t work out.

  4. Jeff

    Thank you so much for this. It solved all my problems.

  5. Robert


    I have a comcast modem with built in wifi. I have updated an old linksys router (WRT54GS) as a repeater with dd-wrt. I have opened port 3074,88,80,53 once everything is restarted and booted back up I get an open NAT. Once I shut down my xbox one turn it back on the NAT goes to strict. Any help on what I am doing wrong or need to change.

    • Make sure that you hard coded an IP on the One. If not it may be getting a different IP from DHCP each time you reboot. May need to open the ports on the Combcast router if you only opened on the one serving as a repeater. More than likely your IP address may be changing if the settings fail after reboots.

      • Robert

        I entered in all the correct network details that the xbox one displays when I have a open NAT. And still went back to strict after shutting down and coming back to play later. Also I tried port forwarding for the comcast modem/router and it told me “error rules duplicated”. Still at a loss on what is not configured right.

  6. John

    Need some help please.

    My Xbox One has an open nat but I noticed when I put in COD Ghosts it would show a moderate nat. I don’t use my TV with my X1 so I set the X1’s IP as the DMZ on my router and it worked fine. However, I also have my 360 hooked to my router the same way as my X1, via Ethernet but after a session on the 360 my X1 still says open but COD Ghosts goes back to moderate. All of my 360 games show open nat. After I unplugged my router and plugged it back in Ghosts is now showing open. I’m using a Motorola Gateway SBG6580 that I just got from Amazon. I have UPNP enabled & have no ports forwarded. Is this an ok setup if all I need to do is reboot my gateway after a 360 session or is there a better way? My dad has an iPod & Netflix so I got the SBG6580 for gaming but have to have wireless too. Thanks for your time. Sorry for any misspelled words. I’m typing this from my iPod and the background is dark green and my text is black so I can barely see it.

    • Does your X1 and 360 have static IP addresses assigned? They maybe swapping dhcp addresses if they’re not, causing the issue you described. You may want to try and setup the port forwarding on X1 even though it’s in your DMZ.

  7. John

    I do not have static IP addresses on either console. I think I’m going to follow your steps & give my X1 a static IP & forward the ports using the illustrations you’ve provided.. If I do should I put the DMZ back to zero? Also, should I leave the 360 as is since it works fine with UPNP enabled? Anything else you might suggest or do I seem to be on the right track? Thanks a lot Matt. It’s great to have someone like you to help out fellow gamers. :)

  8. John

    I’m in the process of gathering the necessary info (Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, & DNS addresses) in DOS ipconfig, I got the Subnet Mask & Default Gateway but DNS says; “Connection-specific DNS Suffix, something about Teredo Tunneling Psuedo Interface then says:
    DHCP enabled: NO
    Autoconfig enabled: YES
    IPv6 Address

    I already knew the Subnet Mask & Default Gateway but know nothing of tis DNS IPv6 info.

    Are you able to assist me any further with this IPv6 Connection Specific stuff? This is new to me. Thanks

    • John the best way to find the proper DNS info is to do an ipconfig /all on a PC you have on the same network. Use that DNS information. You shouldn’t have to do anything with IPv6 as both consoles only use IPv4. I’d assume your static IP should be in the 192.168.1.x range so just pick addresses that are in the .30’s or higher to ensure no other device on your network uses the same IP. I can tell you that Ghosts also gives me a moderate NAT warning, but I have no issues connecting with friends and matches so I ignore it.

  9. John

    So the DNS is my PC Address & default gateway I fetched from ipconfig? That’s it?

  10. John

    Lol sorry about that last message. That was me on 2 days no sleep trying to get an open nat on Ghosts. I didn’t see the DNS because I was typing ipconfig instead of: /all. The DNS numbers were the same as the ones in the X1. I had been reading in tech forums that the X1 was using IPv6 and Teredo so I got way ahead of myself. Anyway, I didn’t have much luck with port forwarding but put everything back and got my X1 nat open as it was and I’m still only able to get Ghosts open if I put the X1 IP as DMZ. I disabled my 360 for now to see if that will keep Ghosts nat open but I looked through the Xbox Support forums and countless numbers of people are having the same issues with Ghosts. There’s even some new ports listed for Ghosts but even those don’t seem to be helping. If Ghosts goes back to moderate I’ll continue to read until I find a solution. If I have to send my. SBG6580 back to Amazon and use my old gateway until I find the proper equipment I’ll do that. Thanks for your help David. Again, sorry for any misspelled words. It’s hard to see this black on green text on my iPod and morning fat fingers don’t help. Cheers!

  11. Matt

    Hi Matt,

    Ive followed your process many times. I manually give myself a static IP address using my PC, enter that address into the advanced settings screen on the XB1.

    When I do this it always disconnects me from Xbox live gives me a network error. Any suggestions? I use a router/modem if this is relevant

  12. prosper carter

    hi, ive done everything you wrote but it still shows strict. i used an ip that ended in ,113 but still didnt work. any other method? i have an asus rtn10p router

    • Did you code the IP as static on your Xbox One? Did you put in the proper subnet, gateway, and DNS information?

      • prosper carter

        sorry, what do you mean by code as static? and yea i put the subnet and dns correctly

        • There’s two types of IP addresses. Those that never change (static), and those that do (dynamic). If you didn’t manually input an IP address into the fields on your XBOX One, there could be a chance that the 1’s IP keeps changing when you reboot it, which would break the port forwards you setup for say .113.

  13. prosper carter

    hey, i still cant get this to work. can you tell me about using dmz ? also my friend has his 360 connected to my wifi, may that be the cause?

  14. jason

    Still Strict, did everything you’ve said. I have a netgear WGR614v9 and a motorola 3360 modem.

    • Did you make sure to assign a static IP address on the X1? You may need to reboot it by holding the glowing Xbox logo on the front of the console. As long as you have static IP, the subnet mask, gateway, and DNS filled in properly with the ports opened on your router for the X1’s IP, it should work.

      • Jason

        Yes, I set the ip on Xbox one to and matched the ports to the same ip. Everything else is filled out correctly the subnet mask and gateway are the same ( and when the setting were put to automatic the second dns was0.0.0.0 and I couldn’t find a second dns on my computer so I left it at I was thinking of just getting a new router so could that work too?

        • Subnet and Gateway should be different values. Subnets typically start with 255.255.x.x.

          • jason

            whoops i meant the gateway and primary dns

      • Jason

        Yes I set the ip my xbox to and matched it to the ports on my router. The subnet mask and gateway are both I have one dns server but when the settings on the Xbox one were automatic the second dns was so I left that at that because I couldn’t find a second dns server on my computer.

  15. Malcolm

    I have a netgear router. On the Port Forwarding screen, they have service names like eg. FTP, HTTP, IP Phone, etc…. Does it matter which ports are reconfigured under a certain service name? also, they won’t let me turn more than one service name into “Both” TCP & UDP(in your example protocols)…….. it keeps saying, “The specified port(s) are being used by other configurations”. In your image, there are no service names, just IP addresses and protocols. Help please! I’m down to the last steps.

    • Not even sure if service name matters, but you’d want HTTP for all of the rules you enter. If you can’t do both try adding another rule for the protocol that you didn’t already use into another line with the same IP and port number; just a different protocol.

  16. MV

    The fuck? i have to do all this gayness i cant just flip this “NAT” to open or whatever in the settings. Fuck it….1 bar internet it is.

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