How To Get Your Gravatar On

You may have noticed an odd blue and white upside down “G” logo on this most excellent site when you post a comment.  This is the default Gravatar logo, which automatically gets placed if you don’t have a gravatar.  “So what the hell is a gravatar?”  Don’t worry The EB has all the answers, but you should know that already.

Gravatars are globally recognized avatars, which are used on any site that has incorporated the Gravatar system.  The coolest part about them is that they’re tied to your e-mail account, so any site that uses a comment system or forum with Gravatars, it’ll bring in whatever image you have tied to the e-mail you entered into the site.  Sounds confusing but it is far from it.  Basically, instead of uploading your avatar to each site you follow, post on, comment on, you just have to sign up with Gravatar and it’ll do it for you[slider title=”.”]Please note that the site you’re on has to use the Gravatar system for avatars, for this to work.[/slider]

All you need to do to enable this awesomeness is head on over to Gravatar.  Once there go ahead and create an account, which is free, and upload your prefered avatar and tie it to your prefered web surfing e-mail addy.  You’ll have to rate your avatar becasue sites that use Gravatar have ratings for the types of gravatars that can be used.  For example, I allow up to rated R on Entertainment Buddha.  This is only because I know the type of pervs who may stumble across my domain.  The last thing I want to see in a comment is a picture of someone’s bloody hemorrhoid.

There you have it.  Go get yourself Gravatared today, so you can have an identity on The EB and not be just another face in the crowd.

You’ve been learned ya hear!


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