How To Light and Shoot Star Wars Figures With GTP’s Space Walls Diorama

I’ve recently gotten into the hobby of toy photography with a heavy focus on shooting Funko Pops, but I’ve recently started shooting Star Wars figures, namely from the Black Series line. Through Instagram I came across a fantastic diorama set to use for indoor photography shoots involving 6-inch Star Wars figures called Space Walls, so I’ve spent the past two weekends with them and would like to offer some tips.

By no means am I an expert, but I have found the indoor studio above to provide great options for lighting the figures, as well as how to setup the Space Walls for a shoot. Everything you will see can be ordered through amazon, and the most expensive items will be the lights, but even those can be purchased for a fair price on Amazon. If you’re interested in the exact items I used you can find them over on Amazon. You can also check out the Space Walls from GTP on their site.

I’ve also posted a gallery below showing how the Space Walls are connected together and more shots of the lighting setup.

Thanks for watching, and stay tuned for more Star Wars figure photography tips from a noob! You can see my work on IG as @heywoodPOP.


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