How to Make Your Skyrim Character Look Like King Leonidas from 300

We’re back with another “How to” article for creating King Leonidas from 300 to use as your Skyrim character in Elder Scrolls V.  Just like last week’s custom Arnold as Conan the Barbarian tutorial, Perfected Kaos is back with his version of Leonidas, the bada*s Spartan from Zack Snyder’s bitching 300 epic.  Once again this custom creation has an uncanny resemblance to Gerard Butler, and Kaos’s skill as a custom video game character creator is clearly evident.

For a full list of directions on how to create an authentic looking King Leonidas from 300 in Skyrim head on past the break.  There’s also a video of Kaos’ creation for you to use as a reference.  We apologize for the video quality, but the important thing is how to create King Leonidas, and not what he looks like on YouTube, so get over it.  Trust me, this version of Leo looks damn good, so follow the guide below and get your 300 on in the mystical world of Skyrim!  You’ve been wondering what Kaos will come up with next…

How to Play as King Leonidas from 300 in Skyrim

(0 = Slider all the way to the left)

  1. Race=Nord
  2. Body=0,0,2,6
  3. Head=2,2,0,1,0,0
  4. Face=0,14,0,11,6,12,4,4,0,0…
  5. Eyes=1,3,18,7,8,1,6,2
  6. Brow=5,0,8,12
  7. Mouth=13,16,0,16,7,14,0
  8. Hair=6,42,10 (DON’T FORGET 0 = SLIDER FAR LEFT)
Alternate Configuration for King Leonidas
  1. Race»Nord
  2. Body»
  3. Head»
  4. Face»…
  5. Eyes»
  6. Brow»
  7. Mouth»
  8. Hair»6.42.10
  9. Name»Leonidas

Custom Skyrim Character Skins: Best King Leonidas from 300

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EB Original courtesy of Perfected Kaos


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  1. Mike

    Any way you do Gladiator’s Russell Crowe?

  2. Dalton

    could you guys do spartakis? Thanks

  3. Could u Possibly Make Either Achilles *Brad Pitts Character* or Greek God *Any Male version that would look good* Anyways thx for the How-Tos Great Job

    • At this time our character creator is on a hiatus. If he ever gets back in the game I’ll let him know what the fans want.

  4. Nate

    Is there anyway for you to make a Van Helsing Character for the new Dawnguard DLC

  5. Mary

    Amazing how to’s and would it be possible to get van helsing or the chick from the movie Ty I love the Conan one

  6. Someone

    Are the numbers how many times to the right ? And are the commas for the next slider? Just confused, new to the site

    • Someone, yes you are correct. 0 = the furthest position left, so the other numbers = clicks to the right. The commas are very the sliders in each configurable section.

  7. James

    Could you possibly do Oenamaous of Spartacus: Blood and Sand and Andy Whitfield Spartacus?

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