Custom Skyrim character skins - Hulk

Custom Skyrim character skins - Hulk

Perfected Kaos is on a tear this week with his custom Skyrim skins, and his latest creation is none other than the Hulk. Well, an Orc-Hulk, but we think you’ll still see the resemblances. If the Orc race didn’t have a dental problem this Kaos Skyrim creation would indeed be the perfect rendition of evevryone’s favorite green rage monster.

If you’re interested in creating this skin for your character you can use the sliders below as a guide.

How to Make the Hulk in Skyrim

  • Please note the sliders must all be set to 0, or all the way to the left before you enter in the below configurations
  • The numbers represent how many clicks to the right the slider needs to go
  • To make things go faster you can use the RB and LB buttons to jump up 5 slider positions at a time

race = Orc

body =

head = 0.0….

face =…

eyes =…

brow =

mouth =

hair = 24.0.9

Custom Skyrim Character Skins How To: The HULK [HD]

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