How To Record Longer 4K GameDVR Captures With the Xbox One X

If you have upgraded to the Xbox One X to play games in 4K, then you also now have an upgraded GameDVR app that can record gameplay clips in 4K with HDR with up to 60fps. As you can see below the recordings look fantastic from the Xbox One X’s 4K GameDVR, so if you need help getting your console setup to use 4K captures, this guide will help you on your way to UHD gameplay videos glory! This guide will also show you how to record gameplay clips in 4K that can be as long as one hour.

How to Record in 4K

First off, to prime your Xbox One X for 4K GameDVR captures you have to toggle the option under your console’s settings.

1. Press the Home Button on your Controller and scroll Left to the Settings Icon

2. Once in Settings go to Preferences

3. Under Preferences highlight Broadcast and Capture

4. Once in Broadcast and Capture make sure to toggle on the Allow Broadcasts and Captures Setting and then select the Game Clip Resolution box.
5. You can now choose the resolution to record in, so if you want 4K captures choose 4K HDR or 4K HDRHow to Record Longer Clips

You’ll see that you can only record 30 seconds max using the 4K resolution, but don’t worry, you can actually capture up to an hour of 4K gameplay footage if you use an external USB 3.0 HDD formatted with the NTFS filesystem. To do so grab a compatible USB drive and plug it into a Windows PC and format it with NTFS. To format it, right-click the drive in Windows and then choose Format. You can do a quick format, just make sure the file system is set to NTFS. You may be able to format it directly on the Xbox One X too when you set it up to be the capture drive, but I didn’t test that method.

1. Now that you have a viable USB external drive for captures just plug it into the Xbox One X and return to the same Settings menu from above.

2. In the bottom most box under Broadcast and Captures you can choose the capture drive location. Drop down the menu and choose your external drive.
3. You can also toggle your USB drive to be the capture location from Settings>Storage.

4. Now that your drive is setup you have to do manual recordings from within a game to get them to be an hour long.

5. To do a manual recording hit the Home button, then the double-square button or what we all used to call the Select button, and choose the option that allows you to Record From Now.

6. Once you’re done recording you can take your USB drive to a Mac or PC to work with the 4K gameplay capture files. Please note that on a Mac you will have to re-encode them using a program like Handbrake to view them, but the files remain in 4K.


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