How To View and Edit Xbox One X 4K GameDVR Clips On A Mac

The Xbox One X has a new built-in 4K GameDVR app that can now record clips in 4K HDR and 4K SDR. This is an awesome feature, but due to the new formats, the video files don’t play natively on a Mac after you transfer them off of the Xbox One X. This is true irregardless of how you get them to a Mac, be it using an external drive, or uploading to OneDrive from the console itself. The reason for this compatibility issue, at least when using a USB drive, is that the drive must be formatted in Microsoft’s NTFS file system. While a Mac can read this filesystem and allow you to copy files from a device using it, it won’t open the files, nor delete them.

Again, this causes a problem if you want to work with the GameDVR clips on a Mac to use in Final Cut, or other video production suites. The file as it stands just won’t play, so you have to do a bit of encoding work to get the files to play on your Mac. The easiest way to accomplish this conversion is to download and install HandBrake, which is a free do-nearly-everything video converter application.

Once you have Handbrake installed, getting your Xbox One X GameDVR clips into a useable format is as easy as a few button presses.

1. Open Handbrake

2. Click on the Source button towards the top-left and browse to the location of your GameDVR clips. (Recommended to copy clips to your Mac’s HDD before encoding)

3. Once the clip is loaded and analyzed you can start to toggle the settings, but honestly, you’re going to get a pretty solid version of the video if you just use the defaults.

4. If you do want to squeeze every ounce of video quality into it I suggest researching settings others have used to get the best quality out of a Handbrake encoding. Again, I’ve had success with the default settings, which allow for faster processing and decent quality.

5. Once you have the settings of your choice in place you can either start the encoding process by hitting Start, or you can add more video files to your queue. If you are going to use a queue just hit Add to Queue instead of Start until you have all of your clips loaded in. Once they’re ready, hit Start.

Depending on your settings and the length of the clips, you’ll have some downtime while you wait for the encoding to complete.
Once finished you should now be able to import and use the video file in a video editor of your choice on your Mac.

Below you’ll find an example of an Xbox One X 4K GameDVR clip that was converted for use on a Mac to use in Final Cut Pro. It looks pretty damn good, but there is a slight degradation of the visuals due to the conversion, but again, if I opted to use higher quality settings in HandBrake, the clip would look even better and crisp.

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