Howard Stern Proves He’s Got Talent With His ‘AGT’ Debut

Howard Stern, one of America’s most hated and loved personalities, made his debut on National television last night with the Season 7 premiere of America’s Got Talent, and he killed it.  I’ll be upfront and admit that I have some biased feelings for Mr. Stern as I’ve been a long time listener of his radio program, and fan of his for life, but his performance on AGT still deserves the highest of praise.  I would imagine that even his biggest haters saw him in a new light last night on NBC, he was that damn good.

I’ve been a fan of AGT since it’s first season, so it’s not like I just started watching this show because Howard is now a judge.  I do have some history with the show to backup my claims of Stern’s entertaining performance.  He honestly did raise the bar of the show, and I’ve never enjoyed an episode of AGT as much as I did last night.  Being a long time listener I obviously appreciated Stern’s unique sense of humor, but I would think even AGT fans would admit that he’s already become the most entertaining judge since the show’s inception.  He brought a level of excitement to the show that I’ve never seen on a reality competition show.  Howard whipped up the audience at both the L.A., and St. Louis shows as if he were the reason why they came to the tapings in the first place (for some that probably was the case).  He proved his pop culture cred is stronger than ever, even if his biggest detractors try to paint him as a fading force in American entertainment.

I’m not ashamed to admit it, but I got goosebumps while watching him perform on National television, it was a dream come true for someone who has listened to this man for over 17 years.  In some odd fashion I was proud of this man who will never even know I exist.  I, like all Stern fans, have had to defend this guy and my own reasons for listening to him for the past 17 years, because those who don’t listen to him only see him as the devil that the media portrays him as.  That’s his lot in life, and it hasn’t affected him in the least, but I’m glad that non-listeners finally got to see why millions of people like me have tuned to his radio show religiously for the past 30+ years.

He did all Stern fans justice by showing to the rest of the world that he’s not just some raunchy shock jock who only cares about tits and a*s.  Stern is an entertainer like none other, and his AGT debut proved that.  His special brand of humor was showcased for the country to see, and I hope the Stern haters and casual fans alike saw him as the man that he is, and not the monster that people have made him out to be.  He didn’t overly criticize any contestant for effect, and he even had some really heartfelt things to say to some of the performers.  The dude is a pro and a scholar of entertainment, and I love him for that.

Sure I’m a big Stern fan, and most definitely that played into my positive opinion of his AGT debut, but he truly is one of the most iconic entertainers of our time and that was proven last night.  I would ask you to give him a chance even if you’d rather see him dead over Hitler.  In the same light you should give AGT a chance, because Howard really has stepped up that program’s game in just his first two hours with the series.

Season 7 is without a doubt going to be the most memorable AGT run to date, and that same assessment will remain true even if the show yields another turd of a winning act.  You owe it to yourself and your brain’s pleasure centers to tune into this program every Monday and Tuesday night on NBC from now until the end of the Summer.  If you do you’ll be treated to one of the smartest entertainers of our time, and I promise you’ll have an enjoyable experience.  You’ve been needing to see this entertainment legend in action for yourself, and quit listening to uninformed nitwits…


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