How’d You Like to Live Next to This Angry Birds Christmas Lights House?

Have you ever seen the YouTube videos of these a-holes who deck their houses out in more lights than Clark Griswold during the holidays?  You know the ones where they set their lights to the sound of Mannheim Steamroller for the whole world to see?  I for one can appreciate the technical achievement that is required to create one of these spectacles, but at the same time if I lived next to someone who felt the need to string up 20,000 Christmas lights for every stranger in town to gawk at, I’d probably make a few strategical wire cuts to afford me some sanity during the holidays.

This same sentiment applies to this latest Christmas light creation, which features a semi-working version of Angry Birds.  Someone has managed to turn their house and lights into the wildly popular mobile game that has brought riches to Finland by the boat load.  I guess random strangers can view this Angry Birds light display, and at the same time they can actually launch birds at the house via a wired slingshot looking remote.

If anything you have to give the creators of this mess some credit for their work.  Although, I think I’d end up smashing the slingshot controls over some kid’s head after about a week of strangers cruising my neighborhood to get a crack at playing this game.  Bah humbug right?  Check it out below and let us know how you’d feel if this house were in your part of town.  You’ve been wondering what motivates people to do sh*t like this…

Angry Birds Christmas Light Game

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