For those of you Android fans who got on the LTE bandwagon with the HTC Thunderbolt, you need to manually kick off an update that Verizon has pushed out.  I just got through updating my Thunderbolt to “Build Number: 1.13.605.7 Baseband:”, and it went off without a hitch.  The whole process only lasted about 10 minutes, and as far as I can tell everything seems to be functioning properly.  The one curious thing about this update is that it doesn’t address the LTE issues that the phone has been having with Verizon’s network.

Strangely enough, the update does address 3G connectivity issues, which makes me go hmmmm, because the Thunderbolt is meant to be 4G based.  Regardless, you should manully update your HTC Thunderbolt by going to Settings > Software Updates > Check New.  From there the package will download and begin the update process.  Below you can see all of the proposed changes that this update brings to your HTC Thunderbolt. You’ve been updated, but not fully…

May HTC Thunderbolt OTA Update


Web Browsing and Data Access
+ Enhanced data connectivity when accessing the Verizon 3G network.
Email and Messaging
+ SMS and MMS messages are stored properly in the Messaging
Application (Inbox, Sent, etc.).
Additional Device Features
+ Timing for device activation has been improved.
+ “Backup Assistant” is correctly displayed in the Application menu.
+ Stability improvements for data centric applications such as
Facebook, KAYAK, Yahoo! Mail, My Verizon and more.
+ Accurate location is displayed when accessing the Weather Widget.
+ Quickly load GPS updates for Google Maps and VZ Navigator™.


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