Hulk’s Role in Marvel’s Phase 2 and 3 Movies May Have Been Leaked

planet hulk in avengers 2

SPOILERS potentially ensue.  Do not keep reading if you want to keep your mind free and clear of potential Hulk movie spoilers.

Marvel has already laid out their Phase II movie plans, and unfortunately none of the movies outside of The Avengers 2 will feature the Hulk.  Every other member of the Avengers is getting another stand alone movie before the sequel releases except for the Green Rage Monster, but that may have just changed.

According to a cryptic post by the Latino Review, two very prominent Hulk comic book story lines may make their way to the big screen starting with The Avengers 2.  Supposedly at the end of Avengers 2 the superhero Illuminati will decide to send the Hulk into space, which should sound familiar to fans of his comic books.  That’s right, the first Marvel Phase 3 rumor is that Hulk’s next stand alone film will be based on the Planet Hulk thread from a few years back.

If that rumor isn’t interesting enough the Latino Review went on to claim that the main plot of The Avengers 3 will focus on the World War Hulk story line, which features Hulk’s return to Earth, and his quest to get vengeance on those who sent him out into space.

Mind you that these are purely rumors at this point in time, but regardless they’re fun to think about.  I would love to see Planet Hulk on the big screen, and I think a World War Hulk infused movie would be fantastic.  For now we can only fanboy out on the rumors, but feel free to let us know what you think about this news by leaving a comment for us down below.  You’ve been hoping these rumors are true…


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