HyperX Alloy Elite VS. FPS Pro Keyboard (and Keycaps): A Review

For the longest time, I was never one to indulge in fancy keyboards or any accessories for that matter. It wasn’t until after I built my computer many years ago that I decided to indulge. It all started with a chiclet keyboard from Razer, which was an alright product. From there I got my first mechanical keyboard; I believe it was a Chroma keyboard from Razer, as well. I loved this keyboard, and I immediately thought it couldn’t get any better, but that is where I was wrong. In walks the HyperX Alloy Elite and the Alloy FPS Pro keyboards.

These two keyboards are a dream for every kind of gamer, whether you’re playing World of Warcraft or Call of Duty. 

Let’s start off with the Alloy Elite keyboard here. First off, this bad boy will run you about $110 USD. This is a fairly decent price for what the keyboard brings to the table, compared to others on the market. The Alloy Elite is built with a steel frame, and you can feel that just by taking it out of the box. Its sturdy frame will help in case it were to suffer any sort of trauma from falling off your desk. The back clips help with the ergonomic design of the keyboard, too—mixed with the steel frame, the keyboard never slides around on my desk.The keyboard also comes with a detachable wrist comfort base for the bottom of the keyboard, as well. This is a great additive as my hands are on the bigger side and my wrists always lay on my desk while typing.

The keyboard also comes with a detachable wrist comfort base for the bottom of the keyboard, as well. This is a great additive as my hands are on the bigger side and my wrists always lay on my desk while typing.

The Alloy Elite Keyboard

Gaming is a dream on this keyboard. I play a lot of World of Warcraft, and this keyboard is still running strong after all the time I slammed into it. The Alloy Elite’s boasts some amazing MX Cherry Red switches. The keys are ultra responsive and capture the feeling of a loud mechanical keyboard without all of the noise. After doing a few typing tests I noticed little to no mistakes with key entry.

There are some cosmetic things I like and dislike about it. As far as color customization is concerned, both keyboards boast a really nice red LED backlight, but that is the problem. You can only do red. There are different lighting modes that make for fun custom lighting builds, but without extra color. It isn’t that great. Finally, the Alloy Elite comes with a media control along the top, allowing for volume control and song control buttons.

The Alloy Elite also came with some extra key caps which I really enjoy, and HyperX includes their patented key cap removal tool for making switching keys out a breeze. It came with some key caps to customize my 1-2-3-4 keys, and my WASD keys, as well. The WASD keys had a metal grained finish on them, making their texture easier on the fingertips. The extra key caps I was sent cover a more broad spectrum, though. Seeing as both come in a nice red and silver color finish while boasting that same metal grain finish on the Q-R and A-F keys, these are geared for MOBA games.

The Alloy FPS Pro keyboard is a smaller version of the Alloy Elite; so much smaller that it doesn’t have a number pad built onto it. This is because this keyboard is built for pro gamers who travel a lot—mainly for first person shooter gamers. At the least, the compactness of the keyboard allows for more space for mouse movement. The keys here have the same switches, swift and responsive just like the Alloy Elite, and this one was shipped with some nice red key caps, as well. The Alloy FPS comes with a detachable cord, making transportation that much easier. The choice to not include a number pad is beyond me but I can understand the design decision.

This keyboard will only run you about $100 USD which is great for pro/traveling gamers on a budget.

The Alloy FPS Pro Keyboard

Both of these keyboards are amazing products. HyperX really delivered some solid products here. I would say that, depending on the type of gaming you’re doing, that would decide which keyboard to choose. Both are a really good price for the quality HyperX put into them, and the extra keycaps are sleek and sexy when backlit by the keyboard.

The score below is a reflection of the quality of the products as a whole. I absolutely loved both of them, but if I had to choose one over the other, the Alloy Elite would win by a small margin. Get yourself one of these bad boys and I promise your gaming experience will enhance tenfold!


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Review statement: The products were sent by the developer for the sake of this review.

HyperX Keyboards Review Summary

Build Quality - 8.8
Functionality - 10
Ease of Use - 9
Price - 8.4
Entertainment Value - 9


A pair of amazing new HyperX Keyboards.

Both of these gaming keyboards boast a brilliant, steel frame-based design. MX Cherry Red switches give it a brilliant feel and are ultra responsive. The exclusion of the number pad on the FPS pro and the lackluster color choices bog these down, but only a little!

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