I had the extreme honor of actually getting an appointment with HyperX this year at PAX East, makers of some of the finest and most highly rated gaming headsets available. Namely, I got to try out the CloudX Xbox One headset for myself by playing a couple games in Star Wars: Battlefront at the booth, and let me tell you, this headset kicks all kinds of ass.

As of right now, at my house, I have the Turtle Beach XO4 Stealth headset, which, by no means is a bad headset, it’s done me quite well and doubles as a pretty awesome pair of headphones for while I do homework. However, putting on the CloudX headset makes me realize immediately the major differences between the two headsets, as the name suggests, the CloudX is as light as a feather. After just 20-30 minutes, my Turtle Beach headset starts to wear on my head a little, it doesn’t stay comfortable long. The CloudX, however, was on my head for a solid 25-30 minutes before I finally finished and got up to chat with the good folks at HyperX, and my head was not sore at all. The headset didn’t wear me down at all, and at one point, I know it sounds cheesy, but I seriously forgot that it was on my head.


Now, you may be thinking that’s because it’s light on weight, it’s light on quality, but no such luck, my friend, for the CloudX is a beast of a headset in sound quality. I mean, if Battlefront has one thing going for it, it’s the visuals and the sound design, and this game, along with any shooter, is just begging to be played with the CloudX. Everything just felt a lot punchier, blaster bolts really nailed those stormtroopers, thermal imploders had even more bang to them, with that awesome WHOOSH right before it explodes. At one point I called in an orbital strike, and it was almost scary how real it sounded, it felt like shit was falling from the ceiling inside the building and landing around me, the headset nearly transcended reality around me.

I know it might sound like I’m exaggerating here, and maybe it’s because I’ve never had enough money to buy one of those super duper expensive headsets, nothing above $100, but damn, the CloudX is awesome. If you’re an Xbox One gamer and you’re on the fence about buying a really good gaming headset for it, wait for the CloudX to come out in Q2 this year. It’s lightweight, it’s got amazing sound quality, the ear cups are super comfy, it was just a seriously awesome headset and I can honestly say that I’ve never used one better than it in all my time gaming.


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