HyperX never disappoints me with their gaming peripherals, every single thing of theirs that I’ve done a review on I’ve loved and recommended to friends. Their line of headsets are second to none and now that I’ve reviewed their Pulsefire Surge mouse, I can see their craftsmanship in a whole different way.

The mouse, for starters, is really light but has just enough weight to it to where it doesn’t feel like some little cheap gaming mouse. It’s got a comfortable ergonomic design that’s not overcomplicated, and feels nice yet durable. It’s got a couple of extra buttons, nothing extremely fancy, it doesn’t have 13 programmable hotkeys or anything like that. Frankly I don’t really like mice like that, I have a keyboard for a reason, I can use that, thank you very much. The mouse glides really nicely on the HyperX mousepad that I use at home, it’s super smooth and comfortable to use for basically anything. I used it while writing some of my PAX East posts and playing a few of the games I picked up while I was there. I played the Ion Maiden Demo with it and it’s a great little mouse! It’s a perfect all-around peripheral for pretty much anybody, and of course, it’s got some awesome RGB effects.

By using HyperX NGenuity Software, you can fully customize the RGB lighting effects on the mouse. The lighting goes all the way around the mouse and comes out of the logo. Using the software, you can load three different presets onto the mouse and then use the buttons on the side of the mouse to switch between your presets. What’s awesome about this is that say you’re streaming an action game on Twitch or something so you have some really flashy setup going. Then you decide you want to play a horror game, so you switch to one of your other presets that’s got a dark, frigid blue pulse to it. It’s a really nice feature that’s sure to make any stream or long-term gaming session that much more interesting. At just $69.99, it’s a great workhorse mouse that anybody can use, and the software is super simple and self-explanatory. I highly recommend this mouse to anybody looking to get a new gaming mouse, or anyone that just needs a new mouse period. People that love RGB elements in their peripherals will love it too, it’s beautiful to look at, and having presets makes it great for when you swap games really fast.

HyperX Pulsefire Surge Mouse

Overall Score - 9



An all-around great mouse with beautiful RGB elements that wrap around the entire outer edge.


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