HyperX RGB Memory PAX East 2018 Preview

HyperX always has the coolest stuff whenever I go to PAX East in terms of PC accessories and parts. They’ve always got the best mice and keyboards, and this time they added something to the mix that I hadn’t been able to check out firsthand yet. HyperX has already shown this at other shows like CES, but it’s the first time that I had ever seen it and I got a serious kick out of it.

We already know that they make great storage and memory, and now they’ve made something truly special. They’ve made the world’s first IR synchronized DDR4 RGB RAM, which is a mouthful, I know, but it’s as cool as it sounds. They can be programmed with awesome RGB lighting affects that you’d see on lots of PC accessories, but these are actually synchronized with each other. They’ve got little IR sensors on them that connect with one-another and keep whatever pattern is going on them synchronized. We actually put a credit card between the two sticks in the computer that I was looking at and one of the memory sticks reverted to a basic blue color. We left it there for about 30 seconds and then removed it and as soon as the card was removed, they synced with each other and went right back to pulsating rainbow colors. It’s just an aesthetic thing, but it’s truly fascinating technology, especially being on such a small part, it’s crazy that they can fit all that tech on there.

I wouldn’t be shocked if the people at HyperX eventually had every single part of the inside of your computer synchronized with everything else. They’re always doing some crazy stuff over there, and this is definitely the gateway to some very impressive PC builds in the future!

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