It’s almost been 2 years since Gears of War 2 hit the streets and I’ve finally manged to reach level 100 in its multiplayer component!  When I reflect on this achievement I experience multiple emotions.  There’s the sadness I felt when I had my rank reset by a glitch from 50 back to 0.  I felt betrayed by EPIC and vowed never to play GOW2 again, but I couldn’t not play it.  My desire to play Gears 2 with my mates was too strong to keep the game on the shelf.  This is where I experience my next emotion, which is that of acceptance.

Even after I was boned in the anus by the rank reset glitch, I accepted the fact that I could never stay mad at Gears of War 2 for too long.  It managed to suck me back in and I made my next attempt at leveling up.  This brings me to my next emotion which is amazement.  I’m amazed that I’ve finally reached 100 because I never had any plans of doing so.  We are talking 6.8 million plus points to reach level 100, so I never planned on grinding that out.  Yes, I love gaming, but sometimes certain feats are unreasonable.  That is until Rod Fergusson started dropping insane XP events.  This is when I experienced my next emotion – gratitude.

With Rod’s social network challenges he gave us a chance to do the impossible with mega XP events of 6x, 8x, 20x, and now 25x XP.  With his altering of the standard XP formula I thankfully played with a renewed sense of direction.  He gave us Gears players a chance to attain the impossible, so like Don Quixote I embraced the challenge.  I dreamed the impossible dream! I was committed to getting to level 100.  This is where my next emotion comes in – insanity.

I’ve never played a certain game type for as many hours as I’ve recently dumped into GOW 2 multiplayer.  I very easily experienced flashes of insanity during the wee hours of the morning while playing Security matches over and over.  I’m being dead serious when I say that I’m surprised that I didn’t have a seizure.  I was literally hallucinating during some of my longer sessions.  There were times when I didn’t know if my brain would be able to do anything other than killing the Locust Horde.  I felt like I was being put through some rigorous form of stress testing.  Hell, I didn’t even know if I’d ever be able to rejoin society!

Alas, with my last experienced emotion of accomplishment, I knew this strange yet enjoyable form of torture was over.  When I rolled over to level 100 and got my wings, I knew every emotion experienced along the way was worth it.  That is what makes us gamers.  The rest of the world may not understand our passion, but I know we all understand.  There’s nothing better in gaming than accomplishing a feat that you know most other gamers won’t f*ck with.  At the time of the Labor Day XP event only 1.51% of the gamers who have played Gears of War 2 have received their Wings, and now I’m one of them.  Sure I just lost an entire Labor Day weekend and I don’t know what the Sun looks like anymore, but I have one more achievement in my gaming belt that not many other gamers can claim.  This is why we do what we do!

Rod Fergusson I thank thee and your ridiculously huge XP events.  Same goes to Cliffy B for creating this franchise.  Without your encouragement I never would’ve been able to do this.  I only hope this achievement in gaming means something in Gears of War 3.  I now have April 2011 in my sights.  This is when the next chapter in my Gears of War career begins.  Here’s to more lonely nights in the Buddha cave and fun with friends!

Before I go I’d like to give shout-outs to my support team for battling in the trenches with me throughout this endeavor.  Mad respect to Perfected Kaos, AFROzone, HANK THE GANK, Carpenter, OneChild, Mungbutter, and yes even Lord Par Don U!  Without these misfits I would’ve never been able to do this.  We’ve all lost many hours of our lives to this game but with gamers like this I enjoyed every minute of the craziness.  You’ve been motivated to get your own set of wings pussy…

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