I Have Been Appletized! Hath Hell Frozen Over?

For those of you that know me personally you may be shocked to hear that I’m a proud owner of a brand spanking new MacBook Pro laptop.  Yes, my journey to the Darkside is almost complete.  The only piece of Apple tech I’m missing to complete the Holy Trinity of Jobs inspired devices is an iPhone, and I’m diligently looking for one on Ebay as we speak.

What brought about this change?  I would have to say the iPad 2.  Ever since I took a leap and went with an Apple tablet, I haven’t been able to look back.  It has clouded my once PC oriented mind, and it has even begun to drive a wedge in between me an the Android camp.  I feel like a turncoat, but at the same time it feels refreshing to experience something new in the gadget world.

I’ve been enamored with my iPad 2 since day 1, and now that I have a MacBook I’m just as infatuated.  Maybe it’s because they’re so new and shiny, but these devices are a joy to work with.  Yes they’re simple and artsy fartsy-ish, but you know what, that’s exactly what I’m looking for at this time in my life.  I’m tired with the daily grind to make my PC, and/or Android phone function properly.  Both of them have constantly struggled to stay in tip top shape, and I take care of them better than most people take care of their kids.

Luckily, Mrs. Buddha needed a laptop for school, so conveniently I offered to rebuild my old Windows 7 Vaio for her, which made me feel better about getting the MBP (I love to spend cash, but it hurts sometimes).  Now I just need to forget that I spent all that dough on the MacBook Pro, so I can spend some more on an used iPhone 4 (Someone please buy some ads I need Apple money).  Yikes!

Hath Hell frozen over?  Possibly.  I must admit that all of my Apple fanboy friends have been mostly right these past couple of years about their products.  They work, they’re simple, and they’re flashy.  All the little things really add up once you start using an Apple product, and you can truly see the genius in their designs.  I don’t have to like Apple’s arrogance, but I now appreciate their wares.  Call me what you will, but give an Apple product a try one day, and then tell me what you think.  I was a hater, but now I’ve seen the light!  You’ve been wanting to call me out on my flip flop philosophies on gadgets…


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