I Have ‘LOST’ On The Brain… Still


Man, I still can’t quit thinking about the ‘LOST’ finale.  I guess that’s a sign of a successful series then isn’t it?  Hell, even all of the negativity only justifies ‘LOST’ and its impact on the world of TV viewers.  Truly amazing works of art will always spawn critics on both sides of the fence, so even if ‘LOST’ disappointed you, the fact that you’re so let down only proves how powerful the show was.

I’ve read many reviews over the past few hours, and for the most part they’re mixed.  Most critics loved it, but conceded that some things were left unanswered, which ruined it for them.  Most of the haters are the type of people that need everything explained to them, so the ‘LOST’ finale definitely chapped their collective asses.  In the end it was a show about humanity and why people do the things they do, and that’s alright with me.

One review that really made me smile was from Stephen Totilo, who is an author on Kotaku.  He compared the ending to ‘LOST’ to the endings of the Star Wars movies.  In the conclusions of both of these sci-fi/fantasies we were left with our beloved characters coming together in a happy setting.  All their struggles and sub-plots were just vehicles to get them to the final solution, which was being together forever in the end.  I couldn’t agree more.  Check out his full post using the Via link below.  I love geeks like me!  You’ve been O.D.’d on ‘LOST’…

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