Still going strong watching the Microsoft E3 keynote presentation.  They’re focusing heavily on the Kinect, which is the actual name of the device that used to be called Project Natal.  I’m totally sold on this thing now.  Yeah, I’m a fatso who may not like to move while I game, but all of the other functionality is worth the price of admission.

You can basically control the whole Xbox experience using your voice, or hand motions.  It’s just like watching a sci-fi movie where you talk to your ship or home and it responds to your commands.  Honestly, the gimmicky games look really innovative as well.  They’re in the vane of the Wii sports games and crap like that, but the whole controller-less deal really looks awesome.  No remotes and no boards needed.  Everything is captured through the Kinect’s cameras and mics.  It really is space age sh*t.

One of the huge announcements made so far is the partnership between Microsoft and ESPN.  That’s right, Gold Live members now will have access to over 3500 sporting events and HD video from ESPN.  The best part is that it’s all integrated into Kinect, so you can control the video and replays all with your voice.  You can also choose which team you’re a fan of by telling your Xbox.  Who doesn’t love sports and gaming at the same time!  Major score for Xbox 360 owners.

I mentioned that the games were very similar to other motion controlled games, but they just seem cooler.  Maybe I’m fanboying, but the Kinect technology just seems so much cleaner and fresh.  I’m digging the whole no controller deal and the way its integrated into the Kinect based games seems flawless.

Two of the Kinect games really resonated with me.  The first one is called Dance Central and is from Rock Band creator Harmonix.  It’s just like a rock game except you have to dance!  It’s not like Dance Dance where you have to hit certain marks.  You actually have to make the movements, which essentially gives the illusion that you know how to dance!  Looks like a great party game.

The next game that got me boned up is a Star Wars game that exclusively uses Kinect as the controller!  Finally, lightsaber and force action using just your body and hands.  It looked pretty flipping cool, but slightly slow.  Either way any Star Wars fan will have to pick this up.  I can’t believe all of the Kinect stuff that is getting thrown at us.

The MS speech just wrapped, and I must say the Kinect add-on has grown on me.  It really is innovative, and if anything I’m looking forward to voice and motion commands to run my Xbox 360 experience.  Alright, on to the next post.  You’ve been Kinected…

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