I Like My Exclusives Without Fingerprints & Dents

Ahhh, the con life. I currently sit at my dining room table surrounded by comics and convention swag and I love it. Day one for me yesterday at the NYCC went great and I look forward to going again tomorrow. And while there is much to share about, I’m compelled to talk about one of my pet peeves regarding cons and con exclusives.

Now to some this may seem like a tedious post and perhaps it is so allow me to apologize in advance, but hear me out. I love a good con “exclusive” as much as the next collector and quite frankly I don’t have a problem shelling out the dough for them. But in the cases where certain exclusives are marked up by the publishers way above the regular price versions, I expect my book to be in good condition.

For example, this year one of the hot exclusives collectors are chasing are the shiny foil variants from DC Comics. Here are the issues I recall seeing that received the special foil treatment, Harley Quinn, Suicide Squad, All-Star Batman, all Rebirth number ones. Also, Doom Patrol #1 (featured image) and the absolutely stunning He-Man/Thudercats #1, and I might be missing one or two others. Each one costing $15 with a purchase limit of two books per title and are already going for double that on eBay. Simply type in the search “NYCC foil variants” and 161 books come up.

When I first got to the table the guy working there was helping a woman buy one for her son. He pulled a copy out from a brown box under his table that looked like a 7-year-old all jacked up on Mountain Dew and Pop Rocks just played with it. Another copy I saw being purchased had massive and visible finger prints on the front cover. So my question to DC is why are these $15 exclusives not coming poly-bagged?

The funny thing is they did get it right for the gold foil Doom Patrol #1 variant, which was the only one I ended up buying. If fans are willing to fork over $15 for an exclusive the least the publishers can do is poly-bag them, like done with Doom Patrol, so collectors get clean and undamaged copies. They’re making a killing at these cons selling high end exclusives, many of which have visible imperfections, and it doesn’t seem cool. Surely I can’t be the only one that feels this way. Feel free to chime in on the Entertainment Buddha Facebook page. OK, rant over and thanks for listening.


On another note, I will be raffling off a NYCC Swag Bag with a bunch of cool stuff over at my Facebook group the Comic Collectors Corner for folks that were unable to attend. Simply click the hyperlink in this paragraph to join the group! More details to follow there come Sunday after the convention.



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