I found a toy yesterday that instantly grabbed my caveman like attention, and ever since setting eyes on it I haven’t been able to let it out of my sight.  I’m talking about the new Nerf toy from the Thor movie, which is a replica of Thor’s hammer called Mjolnir.  This little guy is a piece of art, and it felt so right in the palm of my hand that I had to buy one.  Considering that it was only $10 bucks the decision was a no brainer, and I have not regretted it since.  I can’t help but walk around my house with it, hitting both people and animals as I stroll bye!  Why couldn’t quality weapons, I mean toys, be made like this when I was meant to play with them?

I have no shame in buying toys as a 30 year-old man, but I would have much rather had a Nerf Mjolnir as a young geek so I could smash my way to victory on the playground.  Any toy that has a safety warning on it stating that it shouldn’t be used on people, or animals is alright with me!  If you are any type of collector, especially in the geek space, I highly suggest picking up the Nerf Thor Hammer today!  You won’t be disappointed, but those around you surely will!  You’ve been given a reason to buy another toy meant for a 5 year old…

Buy One of Your Own by Clicking on the Pic Below!

(Trust me, you’ll love it!)


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