Mungbutter, one of the E.B. faithful, recommended a site to me which he thought I’d enjoy.  Sure enough, it was a gem. is the site in question, and the Zero Punctuation videogame reviews are the golden nuggets found within the site.  These little treasures feature a mix of stick figure animations, graphic inserts, and a monotone delivery that could rival any comedian.  The whole Zero Punctuation name is a literal description of how this dude lays down his reviews.  He doesn’t take a freaking breath as he drops his witty commentary on a particular game.

The review below is for Splatterhouse, which I haven’t played myself, but that doesn’t matter when it comes to watching a Zero Punctuation review.  Each one stands on its own as a piece of comedy as well as a review, so you don’t have to play the game to get a chuckle from one of the ZP reviews.  Check out this original way of reviewing games.  You’ve been wondering if this guy has a stroke after each review…

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Via [EscapistMagazine]


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