Iconic 80’s Movie Characters Reimagined As Lego Figures

The 80’s is the decade of  all things cheesy and great. Among other things the fluorescent filled era gifted us with some of the most iconic movie characters to date, and films in general for that matter.

Designer Dan Shearn has taken some of the more infamous 80’s movie characters and reimagined them as little Lego dudes and dudettes. From horror to action there is no denying the awesomeness that the 80’s film landscape was, and each piece below captures the era’s stars perfectly. Although, Freddy Krueger doesn’t nearly look as menacing as a yellow brick man. I smell a Saturday morning cartoon series!

If you are a fan of Legos and pop culture in general, then head one down below to check out some of the images of your favorite characters. Be sure to head over to Shearn’s blog to check out the first set he did of 80’s Lego characters.

If you’re up for a test of your geekiness why don’t you try to guess the films that each of these characters are from, as well as which characters they are. Leave your guesses in the comment section below.





Lego men_2-09

Lego men_2-08

Lego men_2-13

Lego men_2-12

Lego men_2-11

Lego men_2-03-03

Lego men_2-05

Lego men_2-04

Lego men_2-07

Lego men_2-06



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