ICYMI: Get Some Nostalgia With Humble Bundle

This quick flick from Humble Bundle showcases their THQ Nordic PlayStation Bundle, featuring a bunch of games you either loved, or never got to play for super cheap! Now in case you’re out of the loop, Humble Bundle is a digital storefront that stemmed from offering just one bundle to multiple ones a month, including a subscription. You can buy single games, or a bundle and the kicker is it’s pay what you want for the bundle. That means you can pay as little as required, but it’s encouraged to pay more because when you pay your funds are donated to a charity, the developer, and humble bundle with you deciding how much each group gets. This website is a great way to pick up some games you may not have and do a little good by donating to a good cause!

This particular bundle features the games: Red Faction, The Book of Unwritten Tales 2, Super Dungeon Bros, Deponia, and ArcaniA: The Complete Tale in the lowest tear which is only one dollar!

The next tear which you pay more than the average of $12.16 you get the lower tear and also Battle Worlds: Kronos, Destroy All Humans! 1 & 2, and Legend of Kay Anniversary. 

One tier left and that’s the above $15 and above tier which nets you everything mentioned before as well as MX vs. ATV Supercross regular and encore version, Darksiders standard and Warmastered versions, and Darksiders 2 standard and Deathinitive Edition. As mentioned before, this is a crazy amount of games while giving to a good cause, and you still have TEN DAYS left to pick it up! So head on over to Humble Bundle and get it while you still can!

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