I’d Slit My Wrists Over the iPad 2 Screen Bleeding Issue

It seems some unlucky iPad 2 owners are experiencing similar issues with their new toys that iPhone 4 owners saw during its launch.  I’m referring to the yellowish spots that formed at the edges of the iPhone 4 screen on some unfortunate user’s screens.  Well now the iPad 2 is exhibiting the same behavior for some customers, and it takes the issue a step further by having a light bleeding effect on dark pages around the edges of the screen.  For most people this may not even be an issue, but for a gadget freak like myself, a defect like this would send me into a dark state of depression that could easily render me useless in life.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t handle defects on my high-end devices gracefully.  I’ve taken laptops and LCD TV’s back to the store because 1 measly pixel was out.  Now most normal people wouldn’t even notice such a thing, but I have some sort of Spidey-sense when it comes to imperfections with my man-toys.  One little defect could have me fixating on it for hours on end, effectively taking all of the joy out of owning a new high-end piece of technology.

I actually applaud the poor chap in the video for staying so calm.  He waited in line for 6 hours to score his iPad 2 only to fire it up and have some light bleeding from the edges.  If that were me I would’ve cried, vomitted, and then turned my sadness into anger.  I guess it’s a good thing that I didn’t go buy an iPad 2 yet, because this defect, if it occurred on mine, would have ruined my year.  Check out what these iPad 2 imperfections look like.  You’ve been hoping that your new iPad 2 isn’t f*cked up like this guy’s…


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