id’s New Rage Trailer is Untethered

A new trailer for id’s post apocalyptic shooter Rage debuted yesterday, and it solidified this game as a must play title for me.  If Fallout New Vegas banged Borderlands their b*stard child would look like Rage.  It’s got the wasteland look to it with a touch of Borderlands stylized looking characters.  Plus, it has blood and guts, which have become a requirement in most of the games I buy.

What can I say?  Maybe I watched too many R-rated movies as a toddler, but I enjoy both movies and games that take the gore to an absurd level.  Hence my love for movies like ‘Ninja Assassin’, ‘Rambo’, ‘The Expendables’, and as far as games go I’d have to say Gears of War, Fallout, and Dead Space.  Is this love for blood and guts normal?  Who gives a sh*t, right?  Just watch the new Rage trailer below.  You’ve been thinking that the EB may be slightly crazy…


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