If Only It Were Real – Halo Movie Super Bowl Commercial

I’ve been beating on the “Let’s get a Halo movie off the ground” drum for quite sometime.  I’ve always thought that the Space Marine franchise was meant to take a turn on the big screen, but due to Hollywood’s twisted maze of politics and money, a Halo movie has yet to be made.  Which quite honestly is a shame considering how awesome some of the live-action shorts have been when they were used as promotion for games like Halo 3 and Halo: Reach.  If you don’t know what I’m referring to check out this post, as well as this one, and for sh*ts and giggles here’s yet another one.  After watching those you can’t tell me that a Halo film would not be EPIC!  Especially if you’re a student of the Sci-Fi genre like myself.

Luckily, we can dream of what Hollywood can’t pull off, and in the case of YouTuber Kevfleth we can create our own Halo movies.  He recently posted his vision of a trailer for a Halo movie that would run during one of those coveted 30 second spots during the Super Bowl.  It looks like he used various scenes from the live action shorts I mentioned above as well as some CGI scenes from the Halo Wars videogame.  His Halo Movie Super Bowl commercial is another fine example of why this IP needs to be made into a movie STAT!  Even though I knew it was fake and not for a real Halo project it’s still a perfect example of what could be in regards to a Halo live action movie.

Thankfully we have the massive Halo fan base to semi-fulfill our dreams of a Halo flick.  Check out the Halo Movie Super Bowl commercial below.  You’ve been really scratching your head over the fact that videogame movies like Resident Evil get made, but not Halo WTF…


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