If you’ve played Alien: Isolation then you have an intimate understanding of how absolutely terrifying that game is, which is thanks to the menacing Xenomorph trying to murder you in a space station that has nothing but prime atmospheric conditions to ensure you’re mind will be in a constant state of fear while playing it. The imposing Xeno is easily one of the freakiest pop culture characters to ever be created, and images of these aliens continue to strike fear in the minds of first time fans and long time fans alike.

Without sounding too sensational the Xeno paired with the horrific atmosphere featured in Alien: Isolation makes it a panic inducing experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat while playing, which is why it’d be nice if the Xeno looked more like the cherub-like chibi Xeno that Garret Blair has masterfully drawn and colored. Blair maintains the essence of what makes a Xenomorph menacing, but by smushing its dimensions that artist has managed to make this menace appear to be a friendly little guy that you’d like to own as a pet. Blair has also applied the chibi art style to a few other pop culture figures such as the Predator, Pyramid Head, Ash, and a few other well known figures.

You can check out the cuddly looking Xeno, the one I wish was in Alien: Isolation, after the break. A sampling of Blair’s other pieces can be found down below as well. If you like what you see make sure to hit up Blair’s gallery on DeviantART.

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