If Only These Pop Culture Infused Jackets Were Real

Powerful style

Deviant ART member seventhirtytwo should be in clothing design based on his “Fake” line of concept art, which features various pop culture character costumes as everyday fitness wear and/or hoodies. He’s transformed the trademark styles of Superman, Batman, Kratos, and others into sporty looking renditions of their various suits and logos that any fan of the geekspace would proudly wear.

In particular, I could definitely see myself sporting the Superman zip-up hoodie, or the Batman hoodie, but I’d gladly take any of the pieces if they were indeed real. Head on down below to check out some of our favorite designs. If you like what you see make sure to check out seventhirtytwo’s Deviant ART gallery.









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  1. Misha Parlier

    I want this one, and only this one.

  2. Brandon

    Kratos jacket…cool stuff

  3. Roger Pedroso

    Freaking awesome! I want one so bad!

  4. Johannes

    I will give up my first dogs first puppy if you make this one and send it to me. Blood pact. agreement. please.

  5. Art

    That is so damn cool. Take my money!

  6. Corey Mckeithen

    it would be nice to have these made

  7. Marc Mckeithen

    PLEASE have this one made. it would be a win win for everyone if these were put into production.

  8. Chris Brady

    Why aren’t these a thing? WHY??? Who wants one? I do!

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