If Only These Superhero Credit Cards Were the Real Deal

I was notified of a new batch of superhero themed credit cards from the same site that brought you the cost of being Batman and Iron Man infographics, and I must admit that they’re quite cheeky and awesome.  Now before you start clicking on the images below thinking that you’ll get your hands on a custom Batman credit card, let me burst your bubble; they’re not real.  It’s a shame because these CC’s are rad, and I’d definitely be tempted to max one out just so I could whip it out and show off to every retailer in my area.

I recommend clicking on each image to be taken to a description of the card.  The real gem with these fake superhero CC’s is the write up that each card gets.  Check them out below and don’t forget to do some clicking.  You’ve been wanting a real deal superhero credit card…


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