If Plastic Was Our Enemy This Ninja Would be Our Hero

I would say most guys at some point in their lives pretended to be a Ninja in their backyard with some friends and some sticks, or maybe even a plastic sword.  I’d also say that most grown men who still do this and aren’t actual ninjas probably still live in their Mother’s basement and don’t have many “real” friends.  I’m guessing that’s the case with the Backyard Ninja, which you’ll see below.  The problem with getting older and still pretending to be a Ninja is that you now can buy actual Ninja weapons and gear to film yourself acting like an a*shole for the World to see.

You’ll see a great example of this below as this Backyard Ninja puts on a plastic bottle beat down demonstration.  For over 5 minutes this dude hacks and slashes at plastic products like he’s some sort of human recycling machine.  The best part is that you can totally see that he’s trying to portray how awesome he is as a fake Ninja, but with each slash he looks more like a douche.  From the looks of things I’d say this is probably happening in a part of the US where the average IQ rating is in the “Dull” range.

Regardless, I enjoyed watching this frantic mess of some guy’s dreams to be a ninja, especially during the scenes when he fails to slash his targets, or when his arrows start falling out of his quiver while he’s flailing around like a retard.  If you’re going post something like this on YouTube make sure it’s awesome looking.  You know, hack at some baby rabbits or something.  Anything would be cooler than beating the hell out of plastic bottles like they were some evil force to be reckoned with in this World.  Check it out below.  You’ve been thinking that I’m a hypocrite considering I put out some videos wearing a Vader helmet, and you’d be right…


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