If Star Wars Took Place During WWII

If you’ve made it through any type of schooling you’ve probably seen some old propaganda posters from the World Wars.  If not, then you haven’t been through school, so you can’t read this post anyway dummy!  Anyway, propaganda was a dangerous tool back then and still is today if you have a population of brainwashed followers.  One of the most famous forms of American propaganda is the “Uncle Sam Needs You!” poster.  Again, if you haven’t seen this I’m worried about your success in life.

Now that you have the image of Uncle Sam in your head imagine what propaganda would’ve looked like if it were done in the Star Wars universe.  What would the Empire and Alliance put out in poster form to help join people to their cause?  Well, how about these posters below that I found on Prose Before Hos2.  I definitely would’ve been swayed by some of these in I lived in a Galaxy far far away!  If anything I would like to score some of these in real life to add to my Man Cave.  You’ve been made to join the Empire by Force…

Bad Guys

Good Guys

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