If You Have to Flash Mob Do It as Mortal Kombat Characters

The whole Flash Mob movement really started to pick up steam once mobile devices gained the ability to shoot high quality videos.  Some of the mobs are entertaining, but for the most part they’re not really my cup of tea.  Although, this Mortal Kombat Flash Dance video that I found is one of the most entertaining mini-Flash Mob videos I’ve ever seen.  Basically a bunch of dudes dressed up like characters from the Mortal Kombat series and got their dance on to the iconic Mortal Kombat movie theme.  I think what’s so entertaining about this particular mob is their style of dance.  Even the black Liu-Kang moves like a 40 year-old white guy who has had too much to drink at a wedding reception!  Check it out below and be entertained!  You’ve been ready to FIGHT…

Mortal Kombat Flash Dance

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