If You Haven’t Seen It Yet You Must Watch the Battlefield 3 Tank Demo

Without a doubt one of the biggest stories coming out of the E3 conference is the tank demo that DICE showed for Battlefield 3.  The game has been getting a retarded amount of hype due to its fantastic looking visuals, which was backed up by the E3 demo that was shown two days ago.  For now, we’ve only been seeing B3 running on a super duper PC rig, but EA has been sticking to their guns in that the game will look magical on consoles as well.  If it’s anything like Crysis 2 I highly doubt it’ll look as sexy on the consoles as a PC, but I have faith that DICE will push the consoles to their limit.  If you have yet to see the Battlefield 3 tank demo I highly urge you to check it out below.

This Is a Videogame, Not Iraq!

Even if you’re not a gamer you will undoubtedly come away from the trailer with a new appreciation for videogame graphics.  It’s that impressive looking!  I hope to all hell that B3 puts MW3 to shame this Fall, which I think it will mechanically, but sales wise I think it’ll be a tall order to beat Activision’s juggernaut.  Let’s just hope for a new and refreshing FPS experience when Battlefield 3 drops in October.  You’ve been picking your jaw off the floor after watching this demo…

E3: Battlefield 3 Tank Demo


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