iGenius Retrospective to Premier this Sunday 8P EST on Discovery

The unfortunate demise of Steve Jobs has left Apple Nation with a void that can truly never be filled.  Tim Cook will do a fine job running Steve’s company, but I don’t foresee him sparking the same creativity that his former boss could illicit from his band of loyal geniuses.  Don’t get me wrong, Apple will continue to do fine, but the memory of Jobs will remain for many years to come due to his unbelievable impact on modern society.  In fact, some of Steve’s contributions will be highlighted this Sunday (1o/16) on the Discovery channel when they air iGenius at 8P EST.

I highly recommend setting your DVR’s to stun for this retrospective of Steve Jobs that will be hosted by those Mythbuster yahoos.  From the looks of the teaser other celebritards will also levy their deep thoughts on us in regards to how Apple and Steve Jobs changed the world, so if you’ve ever cared about what Pete Wentz thinks of Steve Jobs this will be your chance to find out.  When someone like Steve (who let’s face it is the biggest geek superhero of all-time) passes away the world will tend to celebrate their memory through TV shows such as this one, so I’m eager to see what iGenius is all about.

If it were up to me I’d be putting out specials like this on every freaking network in the world.  I just have a feeling people will be inclined to watch programming about Steve Jobs now that they realize one of the greatest figures of our time is no longer with us.  Check out the teaser for iGenius below, and don’t forget to record it on your DVR!  You’ve been needing some more Steve Jobs content…

iGenius 10/16 8P EST on Discovery

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