iLuminate Blows Away any Former America’s Got Talent Act!

Unlike most grown men I watch NBC’s America’s Got Talent like I’m a 10 year-old little girl.  I can’t help myself when it comes to watching people make or break their chances in becoming the next big thing in American entertainment.  Unfortunately, every year the dolts of America feel the need to crown a singer as the show’s champion even when there are more deserving acts (look up fighting gravity from last year’s season) that aren’t American Idol wannabes.

Well, this year that might all change due to the amazingly awesome performances of the geeked out dance team known as iLuminate.  They finally got to show off their mind f*ck of a show live on last night’s show, and I’ve honestly never been more excited to see an AGT act perform.  This group of dancers and nerds have created a light/dance show that has never been done before.  Through the lead geeks skills on a computer, and some fancy wireless lighting technology, iLuminate makes dancing in the dark one of the most fantastic things you’ll ever see.  Their show is so unique that I’d even break my ban on ever going to a Broadway show if, strike that, when they make it in Vegas and other entertainment meccas around the world.  Trust me, America’s Got Talent may not be your cup of tea, and it is definitely full of some douchebags, but you owe it to yourself as a geek to watch iLuminate’s live performance from last evening.  Check it out below and prepare to have your mind made love to.  You’ve been thinking that geeks always find a way to make things even more awesome…

iLuminate on AGT 8/2/11

(YouTube Vid doesn’t do it justice, but it’s still worth a gander)


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