I’m Glad the American Military Doesn’t Train This Way…

Here’s a video of the Japanese military running through a warfare simulation.  Now if I didn’t make that disclaimer you’d think this was a home movie of some dudes on mushrooms pretending they’re on a Merry-Go-Round.  Everything Japanese people do has to be cute and cuddly, so I guess this also applies to their warfare.  Look at these guys?  Hell, they even bring in an audience and put on a show.  It’s like one of those horrible skits that you may see while at an amusement park in between rides.

Listen closely and you’ll even hear some Star Wars music and the famous ‘Top Gun’ theme.  They spared no expense to showcase their new warfare technology.  This is something I’d expect to see at the circus and not at a military base.  Oh well, not every country can have an awesome war machine.  You’ve been wondering how the hell the Japanese were able to bomb Pearl Harbor…


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