If there is one thing Mel Gibson deserves credit for, it is his portrayal of Max Rockatansky. For years, the Mad Max trilogy has been a cult-favorite and seen as the hallmark of the post-apocalyptic film genre. From the high-octane racing to the strange inhabitants of Bartertown, the unique world of Mad Max has always been one that has deserved more attention.

That much-needed attention came yesterday, during Sony’s E3 press confereance. Avalanche Games debuted the trailer for 2014’s upcoming Mad Max game. The trailer featured Mr. Rockatansky and his famous car, the Interceptor. Clad in his iconic Road Warrior leather and wielding his sawnoff double barrel shotgun, Max and the surrounding Wasteland look great. The trailer has Max coming upon a severely injured Wastelander begging for Max to take his life. Surviving in the Wasteland is tough, and the trailer shows that there will be no easy decisions in Mad Max.


Scheduled for a 2014 release on the Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC, as well as current-gen systems, Mad Max is certainly going to be one of next year’s most highly anticipated titles.

Mad Max Announcement Trailer:


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