In the War Room: Divinity – Dragon Commander and Interactive Politics

Political stress aside, Dragon Commander looks great graphically.
Political stress aside, Dragon Commander looks great graphically.


Larian Studios have a long history of creating consistently immersive gaming experiences. The recently released Divinity – Dragon Commander video showcases the upcoming TBS/RTS’s ability to create an interactive and immersive experience in a way that Larian is known for.

Featuring Divinity – Dragon Commander’s political side, the video – simply titled Interactive Politics – serves to show how many important issues will be handled within the game. In the video, a political situation rears its head in the form of a right wing Dwarven newspaper reporting on a story involving a Lizard Woman’s scandalous relationship. It is up to the player to decide what action will be taken in regards to the story, and through annotations in the video, clicking on each member of the player’s War Room council allows each one to speak their mind on the issue.

It seems that political turmoil will be par for the course in Divinity – Dragon Commander and the Interactive Politics video is a great teaser into how the system will work. With a diverse selection of board members, including skeletons, dwarves and even goblins, the different political insights will surely lead to some interesting options.

Divinity – Dragon Commander is set for an August 9th release and will be available for the PC. For more information on Larian’s upcoming epic, check out their website found here, and be sure to check out the Interactive Politics video below.

Divinity – Dragon Commander: Interactive Politics:

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