In This Fan Made Avengers: Infinity War Alternate Ending Hawkeye Makes a Clutch Shot

Thanks to a poster on Reddit, we now have an alternate ending for Avengers: Infinity War that completely changes how the climax went down. I guess I’ll offer up a SPOILER WARNING, although at this point if you haven’t seen this movie, or had the ending spoiled already, you probably aren’t a MCU superfan anyway, but just in case you are, you shouldn’t proceed any further with this post.

If you’re familiar with the ending of Infinity War, then you know Thanos was able to snap his fingers to wipe out half of the galaxy because Thor didn’t chop his head off with his new badass hammer. He merely cleaved his chest wide open and seemingly struck Thanos’ heart, but it wasn’t enough to kill him, so he was still able to get the snap off.

In the Hawkeye starring alternate ending, this event goes much differently. Rather than being at home under house arrest, Clint is with the other Avengers in their battle against Thanos, and as soon as Thor misses his mark, he steps up to provide the money shot. Head on down below to check out the full scene. It’s edited really well, and it’s also pretty funny, so why not take a few seconds to have a laugh at Thanos’ expense.

Avengers: Infinity War Alternate Ending from marvelstudios

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