What the hell is going on with the Ohio State Football program these days?  Yahoo! Sports just broke a story last night claiming that The “Vest” actually knew about the tattoo shop scandal back in April of 2010, and not didn’t hear about it for the first time like the rest of us did in December of 2010.  If this is true then Jim Tressel could have potentially lied to the NCAA about the matter, as well as his AD Gene Smith.  If anything, most of us know that lying is a bad thing, so if this is true and Tress is proven to be a fibber, then The Ohio State Football program is in deeper sh*t than it already is over the 5 bozos who sold their gear.

This is very troubling to me as I’m an OSU Alumni, and never in my wildest dreams did I imagine Jimmy T’s program to be full of scandals like a school from the SEC.  Tressel just seems like an upstanding citizen who would never tell a lie, especially one that could destroy the momentum of his OSU football program that has become the dominant force in the Big Ten under his watch.  I’m at a loss for words over this!  I really thought if anything would bring down Tressel’s program it would be some knucklehead kid, and not the man himself!

For now there’s only one source making this claim, and if they can’t prove it I’d say Jim is in the clear, but I really don’t have a good feeling about it.  I guess when it rains it pours in regards to getting in trouble with the NCAA rules committee.  I just never imagined Jim Tressel being called out for allegedly lying to the NCAA.  Liar and Jim Tressel just don’t fit together, but I guess, if anything, this shows you that you truly never know how public figures really act behind closed doors.  I hope this all goes away and the source gets run over by a bus, but I have a feeling that more light will be shown on this topic in the coming days.  Stay tuned for updates.  You’ve been experiencing another bad day in Buckeye Football news…

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