‘Inception’ Movie Getting Matrixy – Watch the Trailers To See What I Mean!

‘Inception’, another awesome looking flick directed by Batman Master, Christopher Nolan, is looking to wow film geeks all across the world.  I really haven’t been following this movie’s development, but my Hollywood insider just recently turned me onto it when the newest trailer released this week.  It’s definitely taking the mind-bending reality motif that The ‘Matrix’ trilogy made so famous.

‘Inception’ stars Leo DiCaprio, who lets be honest, is one of the best actors of this generation.  I don’t like boys, but I can appreciate a master at work.  Plus he dates some of the most lovely ladies on this planet and then has other superstars eat his leftovers, just ask Tom Brady.  Check out these reality warped trailers below and see if you’ll be headed to the theaters on July 16th to see ‘Inception’.  You’ve been mind f*cked…



Trailer 2


On a completely random side note, how awesome is that soundtrack?  I love the deep bass alien-spaceship-esque WAHs.

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