‘Inception’, the latest summer thriller from Christopher Nolan, doesn’t disappoint.  I’m always up for a good mind f*ck, and ‘Inception’ did just that in the most spectacular way.  It’s the best kind of mind warp too, which is one that can be followed.  Many movies that go for the, “We’re going to blow your mind” motif, often do, but only because what you’re watching on screen makes no sense.  You get the main plot, but all of the other schlock leaves you going, huh.  This is not the case with ‘Inception’.  It has a very intriguing concept in regards to dreaming, yet the complexity of the narrative is explained perfectly, which only helps to heighten the experience in your mind.

I found myself constantly connecting the dots in my mind while the film played out on screen, but it never confused me.  Unlike the last two ‘Matrix’ movies, the ‘Inception’ universe made sense.  Everything that was playing out on screen fit within the rules of the movie, and not once did I question what was going on, or how did they just do that.  There were no magical beings or mind bending rules like the Merovingian, the ‘Inception’ world just seemed to work the way it was intended to.

‘Inception’ weaves a wonderful story using a deep understanding of dreaming, as well as a heavy dose of movie magic.  Not once did I find myself going, “WTF just happend, or how is that even possible?”  The way Nolan and team presented the narrative, and the rules of the universe just made sense.  That’s what I appreciated the most about ‘Inception’.  I love when a movie makes me think, but I truly get marveled when that thinking makes perfect sense.

The concepts explored in this movie just work perfectly.  The way the act of dreaming is broken down will leave you thinking, “Oh yeah, I’ve felt that before!”, or “Now that I think about it, what they just said makes perfect sense!”  This movie makes you feel like you can start manipulating your dreams the moment you get home and pass out after eating too much ice cream on a hot day.  By the end of the film I was ready to start practicing dream exploration and flip a city on its top before the ‘kick’ hit me.  You’ll know what that means once you see the movie.  It’s all about the kick!

Leo and crew do a wonderful job of filling the roles required to pull off the ‘Inception’ concept.  Their performances helped add to the illusion I was watching on screen, and DiCaprio put on another fine show.  As non-manly as it sounds, this guy is one of the best actors of this generation.  His go around as Cobb in ‘Inception’ is no exception to this trend.  Who ever said I wasn’t a poet?  Leo’s supporting cast does a fine job backing him up, but as with most of his movies he carries it to the end.

Visually, ‘Inception’ has some breath-taking moments.  Just imagine some of the crazy, or physics bending crap you’ve dreamed up.  Those are some of the moments you may see brought to life in ‘Inception’.  The cinematography was done in a way that truly made you feel like you were watching a dream.  The chaos happening on screen reminded me of some of the insane situations my little melon has cooked up for me while sleeping.  The world just looks and feels like you’d want a dream to be.  No complaints on this front at all besides my theater not having a DLP screen, weak!

The soundtrack is a booming one, and depending on your theaters sound system you may walk out feeling like you’ve just been at a concert with your head in one of the speaker towers.  Damn, this movie is loud and booming!  I’m not bitching about this fact at all, in fact I love when a sci-fi movie is brain-bleeding loud!  The action on screen, and the overall emotion the director wants you to feel are greatly enhanced by the soundtrack.  I loved the deep bass laden tones, and the chaos the soundtrack brought to an already chaotic visual.  I’ve got to find a soundbyte of the deep tuba-like horn blow that has now become synonoumous with this movie.  It’ll make a great alarm clock!

Overall, ‘Inception’ is a must-see movie in the theater.  With the out of your mind visuals, and massive soundtrack, you have to see this on the big screen.  The deep dreaming concept explored in this movie will keep your mind throughly entertained for the entire 2.5 hours you’re watching the film.  You will get your mind f*cked, but in a good way.  You won’t leave feeling like you’ve just had someone take a sh*t in your head, but you will leave with some great questions and a feeling of satisfaction.  I can tell you for a fact I was on my phone doing some Googling immediately after coming out of my viewing.  This is not a bad thing, it’s one of those, “Man that was awesome, but I just want to make sure what I’m thinking is legit” moments.  It’s a true sign of a great work of art when you can walk away happy, yet still have passion about the subject after you leave.  I give ‘Inception’ a 9/10, and recommend it to anyone who likes to think outside of the box, and have a great time while doing it.  You’ve been taken to limbo and made it back…
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